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Seven Questions To Ask Before You Choose A Dance Competition

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According to Dance Teacher Magazine these are the questions one should ask BEFORE entering a dance competition. Do you know how studio dance competitions began? They originated with dance teacher organizations and were expanded upon in the Buffalo NY area under the direction of Beverly Fletcher, teacher of Michael Bennet who created “A Chorus Line”.

Dance4Kids Invitational Dance Meets® and SKILLS Sport Dance Games® are the ALTERNATIVES to studio dance competitions. A completely different format, one session per day, four games/meets, 90 minute sections, a fun-raiser called ALL STAR DANCE MOMS-ALL STAR DANCE DADS CLASSIC®. Read our response to the article below. It is time to change and be affordable for all!

What genres can we compete in?

ONE, it is called DOMAIN DANCE®. It incorporates four domains of dance used in ALL dance subject genre, turns, jumps, flexibility training-body alignment, performance value.

Where does the comp take place?

Each meet is owned by a COLLABORATIVE TEAM, a group of four-five individuals who are members of AADI/American Association Of Dance Instructors. Each collaborative team decides where and when a meet will be held based on the paradigm created by us..

Who’s judging?

D4KI-SKILLS have their own credential training for instructors and adjudicators.

Who’s directing?

The area COLLABORATIVE TEAM. Each state is currently allowed 50 collaborative teams based on the counties in each state. There are guidelines and rules as to who can own. Apply to host a seminar in your area. Rules and guidelines are given out at our seminars only. Collaborative Teams are required to sign an NDA to prevent current competition owners from plagiarizing our new model.

Are there scholarships?

As of this writing, it is under considerations, however we call them BIDS, for teams who wish to attend a summer camp held in a state. Bids are a percentage discount for teams based on how they placed at a regional meet.

Are there special awards?

The special award concept was created by my friend Richard DiSarno, so of course. Again, it is a team effort, awards are decided upon at seminars.

"A dance competition is the way a certain set of judges view a certain set of dancers on a certain day. If we had done this competition yesterday, or if one of the judges had been someone else, chances are the results would in some way be different. It is good that we compete as dancers, because we compete every day in life. Competitions help to show us where we have been, where we are now, and where we have to aim to go in the future. But it is important to remember that the true worth of anyone, as a dancer or person, will never be measured by a trophy or cash prize."

- Richard DiSarno

Is the comp open to feedback?

ABSOLUTELY, we offer on-site conferences for all who are members of AADI, in the fall or winter of a dance season, where we discuss any issue you may have encountered in a meet.

Watch Out for These Red Flags According To DT

Not running on time

Each meet is committed to one day, two days or as an after-school event.

Refusing to share who else is competing

As stated, meets are only open to those who hold an educational site license.

Join me this season, as I explore these and many other questions about dance studio ownership.

Please share us with others. Thank you

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