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Posts from Noah Lands, owner of KAR


These are posts from Noah Lands, owner of KAR on a Facebook teacher discussion board on January 31, 2024. He took offense to my stating that his new design looks very similar to what I propose for my Sport Dance Games which I created in 2008.


I was a studio owner for over 35 years and then a public educator. I refused to CALL him because I felt his response posts were bullying. You can decide for yourselves. FYI, I was bullied on this group and 40K individuals were told in the description of the group not to trust me. The original person who started the group was banned from FB I was told. I decided at age 75 I am not going to be bullied by anyone ever again. Mr. Lands and another vendor who owned a comp in my area but had to sell it for financial issues, were two of the members who bullied me then as now.



My apologies that was not my intent. It has the flavor of my DOMAIN DANCE concept I created almost 5 years ago coupled with my Rubric Score System based on the content of the routine in my events. Have an awesome season and win big!!!



many years ago when they first (KAR) began they used my score system without permission it is licensed, similar to what you call the adjudicated score system. I created a new comp model and a new score system, comp is one owned by teachers for their profit not mine. I am holding seminars on the east coast for it. I have been trolled by this comp owners' friend who lives in MA. If interested go to Jann Davis Skills Sport Dance Games it's there. Visit the website



Hi Jann! Just wanted to share a quick note on our scoring system at KAR. We started back in 1981, and about 17 years ago, I developed our own system from scratch, moving away from Excel. It's been a core part of our competitions ever since.

I understand there are similar systems out there, but ours was created specifically for KAR's needs. Always happy to discuss and share in the dance community spirit!



Jann Davis This is Noah Lands the owner of KAR please contact me if you are going to make these accusations. I started KAR over 40 years ago and have never stolen anything from another competition as I started KAR before there were any other competitions that are still in business today on a national level !



ROFL, I know I judged for you in Boston in a hotel. you had score sheets on flo pink paper, you asked me to judge in Buffalo, but I had to pay my own way, this was 1992, you only held one day events back then.


FYI I created the adjudicated score system in 1977 for my event "American Dance Invitational", someone chose to use it for his events with a similar comp name. it is licensed via a corporation I worked for, to date no one has paid me yet, many changed it to make the participation trophy dance moms happy, everyone gets gold.


For those reading this if you want to get away from the boyz club taking your money then go to my new model, based on youth sports, no long days, no missing school, objective score system based on the content of the routine I call rubric-based score system, trained judges and instructors and you the teacher get the profits.


No, I am not going to call you Noah been there done that. if you run the numbers I started 47 years ago, transitioned into pub ed, got 2 more masters, one from Harvard Kennedy School and worked for the Gates Foundation. I guess plagiarism is just borrowing eh?



Jann Davis I will put my reputation in this business against yours any day ! And the boys club you speak of ? What have you done to make this business better ? I am not on here trying to get new business ! I am tired of people claiming what I have worked hard for ! Like I said I have never stolen from another competition ! Let alone yours who I have never heard if ! And of course you will not contact me That doesn’t surprise me !



read the blog post...I did a great deal before YOU and others arrived on the scene. I intend to share my knowledge of owning a dance studio, working for the Gates Foundation, and a career as a public educator. If you go to my website go to the ABOUT tab, you will see I have validated credentials as an educator. I do not demean others, only point out beginnings in an appropriate and non egotistical manner. Have a great day, and if anyone wants to hire me to adjudicate and offer a 2024 balanced evaluation of your dance comp business use the contact form on the website. I am available. Again Noah R Lands arguing with someone you CLAIM you never heard of does not surprise me either, ROFL, no I will not contact you, I am retired from teaching high school, God Speed all and Make Today Matter



Good Luck on you Job hunting !



I am NOT job hunting, but I have had 200 visits this morning and the question was asked would I adjudicate and assist with their current business plan by multiple dance educators via the contact form, so I thought I would affirm it here. I can help others modify what they are doing. My blog post about what others are complaining about as to dance competitions speaks volumes about how frustrated owners and their faculty are with the current system.


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Image is of KAR's Turn Skill Set, I think It Sounds Like What I Am Doing, The Exception Is As A Member OF AADI, At Conferences YOU Get To Adjust What Students Should Be Doing Not Someone Who Never Danced And Is Making Bank On You And Your Parents

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