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Mini-vent: A New Approach to a Dance Recital

This post was first published on March 30, 2013 @10:30AM EST on my Google Blogger DIGITAL DANCE STUDIO. Many now use this formula, so I am reposting it today!

This is an EDITED version, Jann presents a Let's Put On A Show® On Demand and LIVE In Person Seminars. The In Person Seminars offer attendees a way to create with Jann Mini-Vent Recitals® on multiple themes and with her help create up to choreography for 10 routines.

Dance studios traditionally, register students for the upcoming season in April/May. In August, registration begins in earnest. In October, costume deposits are requested; a theme and music is chosen, and for most studios that is the end of accepting new students into yearly programs. What if you could register students throughout the year and not just once? What if you could create lifetime memories and make a bigger profit?

Did you ever consider a 60 minute or 90 minute recital just for your students grades PK to 2? Many studios across the country are now doing that! Choose a choose a children's picture book or animated movie. The concept is to download the audio version of a book from, select appropriate music for up to 10 routines (each routine is about 2-3 minutes in length), that compliments the story line, and using today’s technology, splice the music into the audio version. If you are just starting out, you are establishing that your studio is different, you are customer focused. If you are already in business, create a “children’s division” in your studio. Instead of a long recital, you have created a “mini-vent”, a short performance for young children.

The next step is to create routines for each of the music selections chosen, and using the “backwards by design” concept, pre-choreograph each routine for each piece of music selected. Once you and your staff have created the routines, create your curriculum for the number of weeks of dance classes students will have prior to each event. A suggestion is to hold several “team meetings” and video tape the creations. Make sure the music however matches the storyline you have chosen and is child appropriate, not something that is currently popular on iTunes. Take the major skills you are going to teach in each routine and teach the skill first, and part of the dance combination in each class. Children like repetition but they also prefer to learn something new each week.

Costuming an event like this can be as simple or as extravagant as you want to make it. As you increase enrollment (some studios have seen a 300 percent increase in their dance class sales after the first time they introduced this method), you may wish to consider the following for your program:


· Performs Once-Twice In The Event

· Wears A Reusable Leotard (Either For Class Or For Play)

· Receives a gold medal/small trophy /plaque for performing in the event

· Rents the accessories for the performance (the studio purchases sets of tutus, and hand held props, these are used for ALL the performances, some do sell them later at the studio)


· Allows the parent to take personal video in a specified area or sitting in the aisle

· Assists the parent to present the event positively to the child NO DRESS REHEARSAL

· Pre-Orders Flowers and T-Shirt (Make Sure You Have Plenty For Onsite Sales By Grandparents)

· Places A Dance-O-Grams® In The Program

Remember to take the approach from the perspective of your clientele, NOT your profit margin!!!

Let's Put On A Show® On Demand Course Outline

Our Sample Is Based On the Picture Book Where's Woody

Module #1

Choosing Characters For Your Show

Module #2

Setting The Stage

Module #3

Curriculum & Choreography

Module #4

Costuming, Tuition & Branding

Registration Opens September 28, 2023

Course Opens October 1, 2023

Course Fee Is $99 Per Individual Enrollment Payable Via Our Business Venmo

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HOST AN IN PERSON SEMINAR Host/Attend a Let's Put On A Show® Seminar In Your Area, A Dance Studio By Design Series,

We Do Pay An Hourly Rental Fee

And Hire Members Of Your Faculty To Assist Us Need More Info? Use our CONTACT FORM Have You Seen Our AADI Membership Benefits? It Includes OWNERSHIP Of Our New Model For Dance Comps!!! AADI membership is affordable at $259 for In Person Seminar Attendees. Your attendance at an event is applied in full to a one season membership in AADI. HOSTING DANCE STUDIOS are needed who agree to use a word of mouth system and refer us to 15 plus other like-minded friends to attend. The preference is to hold the 4-hour seminars on weekends, Here Are The AADI Benefits:

  • 44-Week Dance Studio Success Plan®

  • AADI/EXPECTATIONS/ SKILLS/D4KI Logos On YOUR Studio/Program Site

  • Domain Dance® Curriculum And Faculty Lesson Plans

  • Dance Classroom® Management Tips, Trends, And Transitions

  • Monthly Themed Dance-N-Learn® Lesson, Event, ELA-Math Enrichment Plans

  • INVITATION TO Our Winter Dance Studio Today® 2-Day Member Hotel Retreat

  • Regional/State Director Of A SKILLS Sport Dance Game® Directorship Salaried Plus Entry Fee Commission

  • Regional/State Director Of Of A Dance4Kids Invitational Dance Meet® Directorship Salaried Plus Entry Fee Commission

  • Professional Development Monthly On Demand Coaching Sessions

  • Project Dance Unity Member Seller Program

  • The Hire Me Project® Certification Program For Instructors-Adjudicators For Our Conventions/Nationals


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