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“It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish”

Understanding The Backwards By Design Concept

“It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish”

Excerpt from the 44-Week Dance Studio Success Plan® Workbook

As you prepare to read through the exercises in this workbook think about the following, starting at the end, what does your recital look like on paper, is it a theme or a story, how you design it, costume it, advertise it, is available in many locations online. Why you need to “sell” it to your current or future customers should be your focus.

The concept of starting from the end and working to the beginning, is a model used by many large corporations in business today for new product lines. As a dance studio owner for Mini-Vents™, recitals for children preschool to grade 2, it becomes an easy choice when you sit with a pen or pencil and a notebook.

Step 1 Story or Theme?

The traditional model for an end of the year production or recital is to those a theme. Current pop culture based popular themes are:


Frozen 1 & 2

Greatest Show On Earth

Red Carpet

Broadway Bound

Dancing Through The Decades

and more

The 44-Week Dance Studio Success Plan® suggests a different approach, choose a popular children’s’ network programming or picture books, Fancy Nancy, Polar Express, Barbie (5-Minute Stories), Trolls are good examples. What is the difference? The difference is in the planning and approach. In place of planning music and costuming, the approach is you are planning a production based on a specific setting, costuming, and of course characters that are found in the books or movies designed for children. You need to read a book and adapt it to your one-hour performance.

In the appendix of this workbook are offered two units one based on the Polar Express for a holiday production and one based on “Barbie” a spring production. For

both you can choose your backdrop, color coordinate all age appropriate costuming, select music from Spotify or other music vendors designed based on you story, find an actor-actress to read the book aloud during your production or use a prerecorded version of your story choice and design choreography which is simple and effective. Remember moms send their young children to dance because they want to improve socialization skills and become more physically coordinated, not necessarily to become a professional dancer. You are making scrapbook memories and later in life dance art appreciators.

Want financial success? Offer more, work less, and become the studio to attend where the pyramid is reversed, most of your students are at the top not the bottom of your income.

Need to learn more? Read the table of contents from THE DANCE TEACHER’S NOTEBOOK, Early Childhood Edition for sale on Amazon and our website December 15, 2023, with a special edition COMPLIMENTARY to our American Association of Dance Instructors/AADI Members with many handouts, ideas, and faculty—student worksheets not available in our online edition. Workbook is part of the IN Person experience

HOST AN IN PERSON SEMINAR Host/Attend a Seminar In Your Area, A Dance Studio By Design Series,

We Do Pay An Hourly Rental Fee

Hosts Receive 2 Complimentary AADI Memberships Want to learn more? FILL OUT our


Have You Seen Our AADI Membership Benefits? It Includes OWNERSHIP Of Our New Model For Dance Comps!!! AADI membership is affordable at $259 for In Person Seminar Attendees. Your attendance at an event is applied in full to a one season membership in AADI. HOSTING DANCE STUDIOS are needed who agree to use a word of mouth system and refer us to 15 plus other like-minded friends to attend. The preference is to hold the 4-hour seminars on weekends,

Jann is coming to the Greater Orlando area February 25-29 2024. Book her NOW!!!

Here Are The AADI Benefits:

  • 44-Week Dance Studio Success Plan®

  • AADI/EXPECTATIONS/ SKILLS/D4KI Logos On YOUR Studio/Program Site

  • Domain Dance® Curriculum And Faculty Lesson Plans

  • Dance Classroom® Management Tips, Trends, And Transitions

  • Monthly Themed Dance-N-Learn® Lesson, Event, ELA-Math Enrichment Plans

  • INVITATION TO Our Winter Dance Studio Today® 2-Day Member Hotel Retreat

  • Regional/State Director Of A SKILLS Sport Dance Game® Directorship Salaried Plus Entry Fee Commission

  • Regional/State Director Of Of A Dance4Kids Invitational Dance Meet® Directorship Salaried Plus Entry Fee Commission

  • Professional Development Monthly On Demand Coaching Sessions

  • Project Dance Unity Member Seller Program

  • The Hire Me Project® Certification Program For Instructors-Adjudicators For Our Conventions/Nationals

We Offer Our Members FULL Ownership Of Our Dance Games®/Dance Meets®

  • Each Dance Game®/Dance Meet® Is Divided Into Four Sections

  • Five Teams Per Regional Dance Game®/Dance Meet® Day

  • Teams Dance Head-To-Head In Compulsory Combos

  • Creative Routine Uses A Specific Musical Genre (No Hip Hop)

  • Teams Are Divided By School Grade And DOMAIN DANCE® Skill Proficiency

Are YOU An AADI Member Yet? We Are Looking For YOU!!!

Instructional Convention Educators Using DOMAIN DANCE® Certification Teach

  • Technique Classes

  • Warm-up

  • Flexibility Training

  • Turn And Jump Progressions

  • One Combination Using Taught Progressions

  • Performance And Style

Our Competitive Salary Scale For Convention-Adjudicator /Dance Games®/Dance Meets®

  • An Offered Salary Base Per Class For Conventions

  • An Offered Salary Base Per Day For Dance Games®/Dance Meets®

  • PLUS

  • A COMMISION Per Studio Referral

  • A MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNT Per Educator Referral

EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks®

Dance Educator Certification Seminars

Domain Dance® Levels I-VI

A Dance Curriculum For ALL Dance Students K-10

DOMAIN DANCE® Adjudicator/Instructor Certification


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