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The Jann Davis University is taking a new direction for all dance educators, introducing a series of in person courses on the topic of ChatGPT For Dance Educators® and an overview of the ownership of Dance4Kids Dance Games For Recreational Dancers®.

Dates Available For A 2-Hour Morning Session Choose ONE Date For 2-Hours:

December 26-27-28 Winter MA/RI School Vacation

January 5-6-7, January 12-13-14, January 19-20-21



Fee $49 Per Attendee For A Career Changing Challenge

10 Attendees Needed To Hold Seminar

Is Your Facility Available To Rent?

Available At Studios Which Can Be Accessed By The MBTA Commuter Rail

Seminar Can Be Offered For Individual Attendees Or For Facility Only

ChatGPT For Dance Educators® Hour One


"Harmonizing AI With Dance: Unveil The Rhythm Of Chatgpt For Dance Education"

Module 1: Introduction To Chatgpt

Lesson 1.1: What Is Chatgpt?

Lesson 1.2: Basic Functionality Of Chatgpt

Module 2: Advanced Features And Customization

Lesson 2.1: Training Chatgpt With Custom Prompts

Lesson 2.2: Fine-Tuning Chatgpt For Dance Vocabulary

Lesson 2.3: Using Chatgpt To Compose Dance-Related Content For Class Descriptions, Faculty-Student Contracts, Year-Round Advertising,


Downloadable Resources, Including Lesson Plans And AI Prompt Templates

Community Forum For Ongoing Support And Idea Exchange

Access To A Virtual Lab Environment To Practice With Chatgpt

Certification Upon Course Completion


Participants will be assessed through quizzes at the end of each module, participation in discussion forums, and a final project where they will create a comprehensive dance marketing plan incorporating ChatGPT.

Dance4Kids Dance Games For Recreational Dancers® Hour Two

Module 1: Introduction To Dance4Kids Dance Games® And Event Organization


To Provide A Comprehensive Understanding Of The Dance4Kids Dance Games® Model, Its Benefits, And The Basics Of Organizing Successful Events.


Overview Of Dance4Kids Dance Games

  • Understanding The Concept And Its Appeal To Recreational Dancers.

  • The Benefits For Participants


Event Planning Basics

  • Selecting The Right Venue And Date.

  • Marketing Strategies To Attract Participants And Audience.

  • Budgeting And Financial Management For Event Organizers.


Introduction To Domain Dance® Routine Rubric Scoring

  • Explanation Of The Domain Dance® Rubric

  • How Scoring Aligns With The Objectives Of Dance4Kids

  • Training For Judges And Convention Instructors


Rules And Regulations

  • Understanding The Rules And Regulations Governing The Events

  • Safety Protocols And Risk Management


Interactive Activity

Participants Create A Basic Event Plan, Incorporating Learned Concepts.


Module 2: Advanced Event Management And Profitability Strategies


Profitability And Revenue Streams

  • Exploring Various Revenue Models For Event Organizers.

  • Sponsorships, Entry Fees, And Merchandise Sales


Creating Engaging Content For Routines

  • Techniques For Choreographing Recreational Routines

  • Incorporating Innovative Concepts Into Creative Routines


Hosting Multiple Events Per Season

  • Strategies For Scaling Up: Managing Multiple Events

  • Building A Loyal Community Of Participants And Spectators


Competitive Analysis

  • Identifying And Understanding Competitors

  • Differentiating Dance4Kids Events From Other Dance Competitions


Best Practices

  • Analyzing To Create Successful Dance4Kids Dance Games®

  • Sharing Experiences And Learning From Industry Experts


Interactive Activity

Participants Draft A Comprehensive Plan For A Full Season Of Events, Focusing On Innovation And Profitability.


Materials: Comprehensive Handouts, Checklists, And Planning Templates Which Are Included In Chapter One Of The Coaches Handbook


Assessment: A Final Project Based On Event Planning.


This Course Structure Aims To Equip Participants With The Knowledge And Skills Required To Successfully Organize And Profit From Dance4Kids Dance Games® For The Recreational Dancer.

Seminar includes DUNKS and Chapter One of the D4KIDG coaches handbook.

Course IS Extended To Be Held At A MA/RI Facility

Is Your Studio Available To Rent?

If Yes Use Our Contact Form To Book A Seminar

OR TEXT 781-742-3173

2 Hour In Person Seminars Dates Available: 

December 26-27-28   MA Vacation

Pick One Of These Dates

January 5-6-7     

January 12-13-14   

January 19 20-21

Registration CLOSES 14 Days BEFORE A Chosen Date

To Book Click Here:


JANN DAVIS, a "GRANDFLUENCER" for the dance studio industry, is a dance education consultant, assisting dance educators, facility owners, and enrichment program directors to organize their Dance Classrooms®, creating benchmarks, unit and lesson plans for dance education, dance assessment rubrics, and classroom management strategies. Ms. Davis. is a former studio owner with three locations in the Greater Boston area who has a degree in instructional educational design from Harvard University.

Jann presents professional development seminars to dance educators throughout the USA who are searching for a new model, a 21st century approach to dance education at conventions and at private in-house workshops. She is the creator of a new model for studio dance competitions called SKILLS Sport Dance Games®, (for studios who are one room only AADI members are encouraged to offer Dance4Kids Dance Games® for the Recreational Dancer which are events for Recreational students non-plagiarized dance events based on school sports for K-10, which includes a new RUBRIC BASED score system (Jann created the globally used adjudicated score system in 1977 for her competition American Dance Invitational), credentialing for adjudicators and instructors, and a built in fundraiser called the ALL STAR DANCE MOMS-DANCE DADS CLASSIC®. Profit from our events is 100% for a COLLABORATIVE TEAM or beginning in January 2024, for Solo-Preneurs who are members of AADI or the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF DANCE INSTRUCTORS, all entry fees and vendor fees are YOURS.

Ms. Davis travels via Amtrak/MBTA Commuter rail. The new models for and Dance Games® can be held in the areas where the seminars are held so members can enjoy a new income stream throughout the dance season with the promise of a new model of adjudication and instruction for the future. Events are to be held in the third and fourth terms of our 44-Week Plan throughout 2024.

You can continue to attend competitions owned by others or you can change your future financial success. Remember the definition of insanity attributed to Albert Einstein is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Read About Our AADI Benefits And Code Of Ethics:

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