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Dance Studios Need A New Model

Exploring A Seasonal Design Based On Students School Grade Levels,

The 44-Week Dance Studio Success Plan®

Dependent upon where a studio is located, many studio owners are holding fall 2023 student registrations, hiring new teachers, organizing their 2024 competition team season, holding dance team auditions for current and new members, developing weekly schedules based on interest and student retention, and exploring 2024 end of the year performance themes. What have you as the studio owner designed for your studio protocols? What about reorganizing your dance season 2024?

The traditional dance season is often 36 weeks to 40 weeks of a calendar year, which sometimes includes a winter presentation and of course the spring recital performance, highly costumed on a local theater stage with an almost Broadway style lighting design.

Following the vendor created guidelines, studios register new students in April to August, collect costume company required deposits in October-November-

December, completing the costume payment, technique classes for all during the fall season, choreography for enrichment/recreational classes begins in January, dance competition team season February-April, recital for all May-June, Summer Dance Intensives and Enrichment Classes July-August, repeating the cycle yearly. Not included here are tuition and other payments; they are in an additional post.

Since the introduction of soccer in many communities, parents are searching for an activity for their children based on a “three-season” concept, a sport for each season fall, winter, and spring with a summer sports camp. Is it time to explore a new studio dance season offering a model like the parental expectation for school sports grade PK-10?

Let's explore

Replace your calendar year with a year based on quarters designed for use by our licensees as follows:

Fall October 1 to December 31 6-8 Week Primary School Sessions

Winter Performances, Dance Games and Dance Meets Prep

Winter January 1 to March 31 Dance Games and Dance Meets, Mini-Vent® Prep

Spring April 1 to June 30th Mini-Vent® Performances, SKILLS Dance Games ®States

Summer July 1 to September 30th Camps, Try Outs, Comprehensives, Dance Games and Dance Meets Qualifiers

Ongoing Registrations are important with an Expectations For Dance Curriculum Frameworks Educational Site License ®

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