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Be Part Of the Future OWN A SKILLS Dance Meet®

In Person Ownership Seminars Are Available At Your Studios

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Office Hours are available Monday-Thursday 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

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The Jann Davis Company's mission is to Instruct, Improve, and Inspire the instructors-coaches of studio, all-star, scholastic, and enrichment dance programs while providing a positive experience for all involved in the dance education community.

Jann is an early competition pioneer, owner of the AMERICAN DANCE INVITATIONAL and creator the original ADJUDICATED score system for studio dance competitions which many of the current traditional studio dance competitions base their score systems on. In 2022, she introduces SKILLS Sport Dance Games®, a model for dance student achievement based on school sports. SKILLS is NOT like the now over 50 year old studio dance competition model. Scroll down to view our brochures.


In Person SKILLS seminars begin June 12, 2022

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JANN DAVIS, a GRANDFLUENCER, is a dance education consultant, assisting dance educators, facility owners, and enrichment program directors to organize their dance classrooms, creating benchmarks, lesson plans, assessments, curriculum and classroom management strategies. Ms. Davis. is a former studio owner with three locations in the Boston area and an early private dance competition owner. Jann presents professional development clinics, based on her experience as a Senior trainer for the INTEL TEACH TO THE FUTURE PROGRAM, and studio ownership to dance educators throughout the USA who are searching for a new model, a 21st century approach to dance education at conventions and at private in-house workshops.

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Phone: 781-742-3173   
 Phone/Office Hours: M-TH 10:00 am-3:00 pm EST

5% Of All Proceeds Of Our Program Sales Are Donated To Local Charities
In The Form Of Grocery Gift Cards For Vulnerable Food Anxiety Communities


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