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Looking For A New FUN-raiser?

Try Our All-Star Dance Mom Classic®

This dance studio class add-on for your dance studio business offers adult dance classes to compete with their own competition! Inspired by the movie “Poms”, enter your adult dance classes into a competition designed specifically for them to compete! A dance competition offered as a FUN-raiser at a SKILLS Sports Dance Games®  or a Dance4Kids Invitational Dance Meet®.

Parents with children on your teams really want to be on the team too! You are offering them this chance!

All Participants Get A Pin

Day’s Top Scores Get Trophies

All Star Dance Mom Teams from studio dance and cheer dance facilities are invited to compete! Do you have a great "Dance Dads" yearly routine? Enter those too! Start a new studio tradition, who knows what else it could lead to! 


Compete Information, Rules, Pricing And Guidelines

Available At Our Summer Seminars

#AllStarDanceMomsDanceTeam, #AllStarDanceMomsDanceClassic

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