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American Association Of Dance Instructors®

A Dance Educator Membership

Presenting Concepts And Ideas For The Dance Classroom®

AADI began as a Facebook page in 2009. It quickly grew to over 2000 online members. It is designed to be a membership who focuses on the WHAT, WHY and HOW of teaching dance. We are going old school with ideas for a new century. Our active members are located in the six New England states, New York, New Jersey and Greater Orlando area. Need To Learn More? Use Our CONTACT Page.


The Jann Davis University is the leader in the Dance Classroom® for dance educators. Ms. Davis was  trained as an instructional designer for public education classrooms. As a former Intel Teach to the Future Senior Trainer, she trained public educators throughout the USA to structure their classroom content and create daily lesson plans. Jann designed all her programs for the Jann Davis University based on her experiences in the dance and educational sectors. She is the former owner of a dance studio in the Greater Boston area with three locations prior to transitioning into public education.


American Association Of Dance Instructors® 



An Affordable Yearly Subscription Membership

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Annual Membership Fee


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11.25.23 To 12.25.23

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Here Are The AADI Benefits:

44-Week Dance Studio Success Plan®: An extended, comprehensive plan designed to guide dance educators through almost an entire year of teaching, covering all aspects of dance education, from curriculum to performance.


Use of AADI/EXPECTATIONS/SKILLS/D4KI Logos: Permission to display these prestigious logos on your studio or program website, signifying your membership and commitment to quality dance education.


Domain Dance® Curriculum and Enhanced Faculty Lesson Plans: Access to a dynamic, evolving curriculum and a suite of lesson plans tailored to various age groups and skill levels, including special modules for advanced techniques.


Advanced Dance Classroom® Management Strategies: Insights into the latest trends, tips, and transition strategies for managing dance classes effectively, including techniques for engaging diverse learning styles.


Monthly Themed Dance-N-Learn Enrichment Curriculum Units®: Each month, receive a new Dance-N-Learn Curriculum Enrichment® unit that includes lesson plans, event ideas, and enrichment activities integrating dance with subjects like English Language Arts and Math.


Exclusive Invitation to Winter Dance Studio Today® Retreat: A 2-day member-only retreat at a premium hotel, offering networking opportunities, workshops, and relaxation for dance educators.


SKILLS Sport Dance Games® Event Co-Ownership Or Single Ownership: Opportunity to co-own and host a SKILLS Sport Dance Games® event with three other AADI members in your state, fostering community and competitive spirit.


Dance4Kids Invitational Dance Games® Co-Ownership Or Single Member Ownership: Hosting Dance4Kids Invitational Dance Games® quarterly with fellow AADI members, showcasing young talent.


Monthly Professional Development Webinars: Access to on-demand coaching sessions covering various topics in dance education, with a focus on continuous professional growth.


Project Dance Unity Member Seller Program: A platform for members to sell their own dance-related products or services, expanding their business reach within the dance community.


The Hire Me Project® Certification Program: A specialized certification for instructors and adjudicators, enhancing their credentials for our Dance4Kids Invitational Dance Games for the Recreational Student® conventions and national events.


Dance Studio Business Development Workshops: Quarterly workshops in each member state focusing on the business aspects of running a dance studio, including marketing, finance, and customer relations.


Annual Online Dance Education Conference: An online conference featuring AADI member dance educators, providing insights into new teaching methodologies and industry trends.


Peer Mentorship Program: Connect with experienced dance AADI member educators for guidance, support, and mentorship.


Access to Exclusive Dancewear and Supplies Discounts: Special discounts on dancewear and teaching supplies from leading dance brands.


Community Outreach Program Support: Guidance and resources to help members develop community outreach programs that promote dance education in underserved areas.


Health and Wellness Resources for Dance Educators: Access to resources focusing on the physical and mental well-being of dance educators, including stress management and injury prevention strategies.

Ms. Davis Is Available To Coach Non-Members

Visit Here For Details


We Offer Our Members FULL Ownership Of Our Dance Games®

  • Each Dance Game® Is Divided Into Four Sections

  • Five Teams Per Regional Dance Game® Per Day

  • Teams Dance Head-To-Head In Compulsory Combos

  • Creative Routine Uses A Specific Musical Genre (No Hip Hop, No Acro At D4KI For The Recreational Dancer)

  • Teams Are Divided By School Grade And DOMAIN DANCE® Skill Proficiency


Are YOU An AADI Member Yet? We Are Looking For YOU!!!

Instructional Convention Educators Using DOMAIN DANCE® Certification Teach

  • Technique Classes

  • Warm-up

  • Flexibility Training

  • Turn And Jump Progressions

  • One Combination Using Taught Progressions

  • Performance And Style

Our Competitive Salary Scale For Convention-Adjudicator /Dance Games®/Dance Meets®

  • An Offered Salary Base Per Class For Conventions

  • An Offered Salary Base Per Day For Dance Games®/Dance Meets®

  • A COMMISION Per Studio Referral

  • A MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNT Per Educator Referral


EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks®

Domain Dance® Levels I-VI

A Dance Curriculum For ALL Dance Students K-10

DOMAIN DANCE® Adjudicator/Instructor Certification Seminars

AADI Membership Code Of Ethics

  • Commitment to Students: Prioritize the well-being, development, and growth of all students, creating a safe and inclusive learning environment that respects the diversity of students' backgrounds and abilities.


  • Professional Competence: Continuously seek to improve personal skills and knowledge in dance and education, staying current with developments in both fields to provide the highest quality of instruction.


  • Respectful Communication: Engage in respectful and constructive communication with students, parents, colleagues, and the community, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration.


  • Confidentiality: Maintain the confidentiality of student information and records, sharing them only when necessary and appropriate for the student's educational development or as required by law.


  • Impartiality and Fairness: Treat all students equitably, recognizing and accommodating their diverse needs and avoiding any form of discrimination or favoritism.


  • Professional Boundaries: Establish and maintain appropriate boundaries in relationships with students, ensuring that the educator-student relationship remains professional and focused on learning.


  • Honesty and Integrity: Act with honesty and integrity in all professional matters, including the representation of qualifications, the assessment of student performance, and interactions with colleagues and the community.


  • Collaboration and Collegiality: Collaborate with colleagues and other professionals in the interest of enhancing student learning and promoting the field of dance education.


  • Advocacy for the Profession: Advocate for the value and importance of dance education, working to enhance public understanding and support for the arts in education.


  • Legal and Ethical Compliance: Adhere to all legal and ethical requirements relevant to the field of education and dance, including adhering to policies and regulations of the educational institution and respecting the intellectual property rights of others.


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