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Introduction To Dance4Kids Dance Games For The Recreational Dancer?

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The Jann Davis University is the global studio dance educational company for the Dance Classroom® focusing on the WHY and HOW in addition to the WHAT for dance educators. Jann’s impact on the studio dance industry is multifold first as an early competition pioneer creating the original adjudicated score system to designing a new model for student achievement events based on youth and public education sports using a rubric score system for routine content objective evaluation. Jann’s mission is to assist dance educators in creating benchmarks, lesson plans, assessments, curriculum, and classroom management strategies.


Jann’s methodologies based on her experiences as a dance and public educator, present dance educators with a new path to dance studio ownership success. If you have questions, feel free to contact Jann using our CONTACT FORM.

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Jann created the phrase Dance Classroom® to assist studios and faculty members in focusing on the content of their weekly classes. Ms. Davis, a former studio owner with three locations in the Greater Boston area, presents professional development clinics, based on her experience as a Senior trainer for the INTEL TEACH TO THE FUTURE PROGRAM, and dance studio ownership to dance educators throughout the USA who are searching for a new model, a 21st century approach to dance education at conventions and at private in-house workshops. After working as a public educator, she felt there is a need to present dance as a sport with ONE dance subject where dancers compete as a team. Visit our EVENT page for further info.

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A Jann Davis Company Program

American Association Of Dance Instructors

A Dance Educator Membership

Presenting Concepts And Ideas For The Dance Classroom®

AADI began as a Facebook page in 2009. It quickly grew to over 2000 online members. It is designed to be a membership which focuses on the WHAT, WHY and HOW of teaching dance. We are going old school with ideas for a new century. Need To Learn More?

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A Jann Davis Company Program

The 44-Week Dance Studio Success Plan® offers 4-Hour in person seminars in private dance studios which follow a 4-module concept for dance studio ownership. Based on public education's shift to meet the needs of diverse populations, this plan allows owners and dance educators to create, design, and facilitate programs under one dance subject genre for all dance students to compete with the idea of ONE dance subject and compete with youth sports. Included in the seminars is certification for the RUBRIC BASED SCORE SYSTEM for our new model of competitive programs.

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A Jann Davis Company Program

The premiere studio dance alternative achievement events for those who wish to recruit, retain, and reinvigorate their dance studio enrollment by offering these events to school grades PK to Grade 10, bringing new ideas, choreographic design, and parental approval to their facilities and enrichment programs. 

SKILLS Sport Dance Games® And Dance4Kids Dance Games® For Recreational Students

The first new models for studio dance student achievement in over 50 years, SKILLS Sport Dance Games®  and Dance4Kids Dance Games® for the Recreational Student on a youth sports model. As an alternative to compete with soccer and cheer.

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A Jann Davis Company Program

EXPECTATIONS For Dance Curriculum Frameworks® 

An Educational Site Licensing Program

The Jann Davis University’s elite system of dance education offers to the Dance Classroom® tools and methodologies that allow the dance educator, parent, and child the opportunity to define specific skills on a rising level of difficulty that have a commonality in all dance subject forms allowing our achievement events to be unparalleled in assessment of student learning.

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